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Beginning with the End in Mind

May 18, NEW HAVEN — Early in the morning of the last day before Pentecost and the last hours of preparation for the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage, the pilgrims on the Seton (Eastern) Route started the day with Mass focused on the readings the Church gives to help us to focus on the earthly ends of Saints Peter, John and Paul, and on earthly end.

Father Roger Landry, chaplain on the Seton Route and celebrant of the Mass, focused his homily on how what Sacred Scripture reveals about their ends can help the pilgrims as they think about the goal of the Eucharistic Pilgrimage and how it fits into the purpose of their life.

If you would like to listen to Father Landry's homily to the pilgrims, please click here.

Since May 18 is also the 104th birthday of Saint John Paul II, who prepared for his earthly end by calling for a Year of the Eucharist (2004-2005), Father Landry shared some thoughts about Saint John Paul II and the Eucharist, particular the "eschatological dimension" of the Eucharist, helping us to prepare for the ultimate realities and purposes of human life.

Later this morning, the pilgrims will have a mini-retreat of Eucharistic adoration led by Father Landry and then head to the Blessed Michael McGivney Pilgrimage Center, where there will be a talk at 1 pm on "The Christian Life as a Eucharistic Pilgrimage" and have a chance to see two exhibits specially dedicated to the Eucharistic Revival.

Father Landry will also bless the support vehicle and trailer that the pilgrims will use over the next two months.


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