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Knights of Columbus Get Pilgrims on the Road

As the Seton Route perpetual pilgrims of the National Eucharistic Revival prepared to get on the road, they had an enormous practical assist from the Knights of Columbus.

Peter Sonski, Director of Education and Outreach for the Blessed Michael McGivney Pilgrimage Center in New Haven, Connecticut, received all of the pilgrimage supplies, the support van and the trailer to transport liturgical supplies, personal suitcase and more.

He similarly solicited the help of Steve Evans and Brad Auger to assist in adapting the trailer best to transport the items.

The pilgrims are very grateful to Sonski, Evans and Auger for their many hours of competent work.

"The Eucharistic Lord always provides," said Father Roger Landry, chaplain for the Seton Route said. "None of us on the pilgrimage is a trailer engineer and yet St. Joseph provided us with people who would have given him a run for his shekels in Nazareth. We would never have been able to do what NAME and NAME did even if all of us had 100 times the time. We are so grateful to them, to Peter Sonski who arranged for all of this even before we had expressed we had a need, and for the Knights of Columbus who are always so generous in helping in every important initiative of the Church."

Here is a photo of the pilgrims with their master trailer craftsmen as well as a video of their work before the pilgrims loaded their gear.

The support van and the trailor will be blessed on Saturday, May 18, after the lecture by Father Landry on "The Christian Life as a Eucharistic Pilgrimage" at 1 pm at the Blessed Michael McGivney Pilgrimage Center in New Haven. It will accompany pilgrims all the way to Indianapolis.

From left to right: Natalie Garza, Peter Sonski, Marina Frattaroli, Brad Auger, Br. Jan Vanek, CFR, Zoe Dongas, and Steve Evans.

Here is a photo of the back off the van.

Here is a video of the inside of the trailer showing their handiwork. The rest of the trailer will be filled with the small suitcases of the pilgrims.


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