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Article: Meet Zoe Dongas, a National Eucharistic Pilgrim

By John Hanretty

Note: This article and interview originally were published on Relevant Radio.

Meet Zoe Dongas, a Filipino-American actor and dedicated Young Catholic Professional in New York.

Zoe is preparing to undertake the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage, a journey of not only miles but of faith, stretching from the verdant landscapes of Connecticut to the anticipated National Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis. This event, noteworthy as the first of its kind in over eight decades, promises to bring together thousands of the faithful in a profound expression of unity.

Zoe joined John Morales on Morning Air to discuss why her trek is a tapestry woven of adventurous spirit and devout faith, echoing the historical significance of the disciples’ walk to Emmaus.

“The Lord is kind of mysterious. The desire for adventure has been on my heart for a while and then when I stumbled upon the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage, it just felt like this desire for adventure and the desire to grow closer to Our Lord kind of came together in such a unique and special way,” she said. “In my own life, the Lord has really met me deeply in Eucharistic adoration and the sacrament of confession. And so, the opportunity to bring our Eucharistic Lord to our country and to be able to pray over our country and pray over the people that Our Lord wants to meet is such a blessing and a gift.”

This act of Eucharistic devotion will see Zoe and her fellow pilgrims journeying along the Seton Route, embracing the struggles of a path that promises both physical challenge and a multitude of graces.

Every day of this pilgrimage is a testament to the vigor of faith, starting with the celebration of the Mass, followed by Eucharistic processions that will bring the sanctity of the Blessed Sacrament into the open world. Walking a robust 10 to 15 miles daily, Zoe’s pilgrimage embodies a journey of life, faith, and the unwavering belief in the true presence of the Holy Eucharist.

The anticipated culmination of this journey to Indianapolis, where as many as 80,000 Catholics are expected to gather, is set to be a monumental occasion. It will be a beacon for all Catholics to participate in this Eucharistic Revival, whether attending in person or being present in spirit from afar.

Through her participation, Zoe aims to traverse not just the American landscape but the contours of her own spiritual life. She speaks of Eucharistic adoration as a cornerstone of her life, a source of peace, clarity, and healing, especially in recent times.

“Something that I’ve learned in Eucharistic adoration over the past couple months of really diving deeper, being committed and consistent to spending that time, is just that the Lord sees us so deeply and always wants to be there with us. He wants to penetrate deep into our hearts, and He wants to heal every wound you could imagine, even the unknown wound.”

This pilgrimage, is a mission embodied in each step, fueled by a heartfelt belief in the guiding and sustaining presence of Our Lord in the Eucharist. This discovery of peace that Zoe found in His presence is something that she hopes to bring to her fellow pilgrims, to all Catholics, and to all non-believers.

The story of Zoe Dongas, as she sets out on this extraordinary, 60-day odyssey, invites each of us to look within and rediscover the pillars of our faith. Her journey, physical and spiritual, challenges us to consider the roads we all walk in our paths to personal holiness.

As the National Eucharistic Congress draws near, the excitement and anticipation are palpable. For many, this pilgrimage is more than a journey—it’s a proclamation of faith, a moving narrative of a modern-day pilgrim guided by the light of the Eucharist, and an invitation to the world to witness and possibly join in this historic sojourn.


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