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Overview of this Blog

Welcome to this blog, which will chronicle the Seton Route of the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage, which will start in New Haven, Connecticut, on May 18, 2024 and proceed over the course of the next 65 days to Indianapolis, Indiana, arriving on July 16, 2024, the day before the National Eucharistic Congress begins.

This blog is being designed to help all those who would like to participate virtually in the pilgrimage to be able to do so.

We intend to publish summaries of what has taken place along our journey — written depictions, photos, videos, audio clips, articles, news reports and more.

Some of what we will be able to do is dependent on the time we have at the end of several hours walking under the sun, rain and other elements. Other factors will be access to WIFI signals.

But we hope that this blog will serve several purposes:

  1. To allow those who cannot participate physically on the pilgrimage to participate spiritually. Please pray for us along the journey!

  2. To permit those who would like to participate in one or more events along our route to be able to do so easily and to have a good sense of what to expect.

  3. To help those members of the media who would like to do stories on the pilgrimage to have access to background information, articles, videos, audio clips and more that can help them in their composition of their stories.

  4. To magnify what we anticipate God will be doing on this pilgrimage.

If you appreciate any stories you find on this blog urge you to share the stories you will find here on your social media feeds to be able to spread word.


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