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What and How We Need to Prepare

NEW HAVEN, May 18 — On the morning of May 18, as the pilgrims for the Seton Route were preparing for the beginning of their nine-and-a-half week journey, they began with a morning Holy Hour and meditation in which one of the two monstrances donated to them, in which the Eucharistic Jesus will be carried on procession and adored, was used for the first time.

After exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and 20 minutes of silent adoration, Father Roger Landry, chaplain on the Seton Route, preached a lectio divina meditation on "What and How We Need to Prepare, based on Jesus' instructions before sending out the twelve apostles and the 72 disciples to proclaim that the Kingdom of God was at hand.

Father Landry focused on Jesus' choosing those he sends out, the prayer that he and the Church make for these laborers, the message he calls them to proclaim, the preferential care given for the sick and those under the sway of the evil one, the packing list of what not to take and why, the focus Jesus wants his missionaries to have, the importance of receiving hospitality well, the opposition they will face, the need not to nurse wounds but move on to the next encounter, the action required, and the joy that is the fruit of sharing the faith.

At the end of the mini-recollection, the Eucharistic Jesus blessed the pilgrims in Father Landry's hands.

To read Father Landry's meditation notes or listen to his meditation, please click here.


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